About Us

Who We Are ?

Namerah Company has specialized in the manufacturing of Air Compressors and Metal Works since 1989. It is ranked today as one of the biggest producer in its field in the Middle East.
Strategically located in the center of Saudi Arabia, covering local demands for Air compressors and doing export to all countries in the region. Piston Compressors and screw Compressors are the heart of Namerah production.
While having a high quality standard hasbeen the main goal, being flexible, through working closely with the customers, and producing products that suits their requirements, has also helped Namerah to quantify its sales and to open up new markets in a rather short period..



– Develop and maintain long-term relationships with leading local and international customers.
– Achieve SUSTAINABLE development while supporting community needs and preserving local values.
– Be the employer of choice that attracts and retains high calibre staff.
– Increase owner’s value and satisfy other customer expectations.



Our vision is to be a prominent industrial and services Company with growing influence in local and regional markets. While focusing on
our customers, we are equally committed to ensuring attractive financial growth for our partners; competitive working conditions for the professional fulfillment of our employees; and to contributing generously to the development and well-being of our communities.


Corporate Values

Safety and Security : We do not compromise on safe and secure operations.
Integrity and Fairness : We strive to the highest ethical standard and embrace fairness and respect.
Teamwork : We encourage and promote teamwork and team spirit.
Stakeholder Focus : We ensure customer satisfaction and preserve and enhance shareholder value.
Dynamism : We promote responsive, effective and results-oriented behaviour. We are innovative and technology savvy.
Quality : We achieve the highest quality standards.
Sustainable Development : We commit to the community and minimise environmental impacts, while ensuring long-term economic viability